MEMORIES ON YEAR 2016............

"Success 2016"

"Prathiba praba 2016"

Concert  of grade 10 students

Primary  Sports  Meet  2016

"Weses Abhises 2016"

The event of oath taking of primary students of St.Thomas college primary prefects was held at the college main hall this year

Appreciation of scholarship holders 2016

Appreciation of grade 5 scholarship holders ceremony was took place at our college main hall.

"School Flag Day 2016"

Special Programmes For Vesak And Poson Poya 2016


Vesak and Poson Poya programmes for school students are organized successfully with the participation of the Principal,staff,students and parents of St.Thomas college - Matara.

Annual Sports Meet Of Thomians 2016

Annual Sports Meet was held at Uyanwaththa stadium on 19th February 2016.

Oath of senior prefects 2016


Oath of our senior prefects was held on 11-02-2016 at the college main hall.

School Library Reading Camp 2016


School Library Reading Camp was held at the school premises as the celebration for month of reading

Annual Alms giving 2016


  Annual Alms giving programme was held successfully at college main hall to celebrate the school birthday

Renovated Music Room Donated by Old boys 2016


Renovated Music Room donated by Old boys for the school Eastern Music Unit 2016

New Mathematics Laboratory 2016

 New Mathematics Laboratorty was built for the students of St.Thomas College Matara