School Anthem

Year Plan For Year 2017

School History

YEAR  PLAN  2017


(January 2nd to April 5th)



January 2nd Beginning of the school and morning assembly
January 9th Staff  meeting
January 11th Sil programme of grade 7 students
January 19th New addmission of grade 1 students
January 27 -28th Educational trip of grade 11 students
February 3rd Band show
February 9th Sil programme of grade 7 students
February 16th Oath of prefects
February 22nd Annual sports meet
March 3rd Commerce day
March 10th Annual Alms giving for school bithday
March 18th Annual meeting of OBA (colombo branch)
March 19th Annual meeting of school welfare society
March 24th,25th,26th Big match
March 28th Art festival of A/L students
March 30th Oath taking of primary students
April 1st Oneday cricket match
April 4th Celebration of sinhala and tamil new year(primary)
April 5th Vacation for sinhala and tamil new year


(April 26th to August 04th)

April 26th Beginning of the school and morning assembly
May 3rdto10th Week of  vesak
May 9th Sil campaign
May 10th Vesak dansal programme of prefects
June 1st Psychological meeting for grade 11 students
June 16th Volley ball match of STC  vs Rahula college
June23,24 Educational trip
June 29th Science day
July 7th Sil campaign for grade 10 students
July 11th Oath taking of Health society members
July 13th Programme of "Geethabi vandana"
July 14 th Psychological meeting for grade 10 students
July 24 th Beginning of second term test
July 25 th Seminar for grade 5 students
July 28 th Programme of Annual blood donation
August 4th Awarding certificates and prizes for students with high marks for second term test


(September 06th to December 08th)

September 6th Beginning of third term and teaching in the classrooms
October 2nd Special programme for Childrens' day
October 4th Sil campaign of grade 9 students
October 6th Teachers' day
October 10th Meeting of health improvement for grade 10 students
October 16th World "Hand Washing Day"
October 23rd to27th Seminars for O/L students
November2nd Sil campaign for grade 6 students
November 15th Third term test
November 30th Awarding certificates for scholarship holders
December 08th Awarding certificates and prizes for students with high marks for third term test and farewel party of acadamic and non acadamic staff
December 11th to 18th O/L Examination