School History

School Crest

School Anthem

Our School is old in story 
Her record fair as long 
So, young and old and hoary, 
Come join in rousing song! 
Hurrah, again hurra-ah, 
Hurrah, while still we say 
Saint Thomas’ for ever, 
Saint Thomas' for aye! 

We boast not of our merit 
All credit we disclaim, 
Our pride is we inherit 
A fair untarnished name. 
We’ll endeavour to maintain it, 
while deed and word proclaim 
Saint Thomas' for ever 
Saint Thomas' for aye! 

In playing field and class room 
Our heads we’ll carry high, 
We’ll yield no shred of honour 
In loss or victory, 
Then “Vinces” be our motto 
“Perseverando” cry 
Saint Thomas’ forever 
Saint Thomas’ for aye! 

Saint Thomas‘ we uphold her honour everywhere 
Let east or west or north attest 
That we are Thomians ture! 
Whatever our estate 
We unite to celebrate 
The Chocolate and Light Blue! 
Saint Thomas’ she is our proudest fondest boast 
Our Hearts o ‘erfiow, our spirits glow 
With pride and loyalty! 
Her faithful children we, 
Strong in unity 
Until one day we prove the Pride of Lanka! 

(This song was composed by the late Mr. L.A. ARNDI, a former Principal, 1931 1933)