Band Show 2017

Annual band show of western band of our school will be held on 3rd of February 2017 at the college main hall

Annual sportsmeet 2017

Annual sportsmeet for secondary students will be held at Uyanwaththa stadium on 22nd February 2017

Annual Alms Giving 2017

Annual Alms Giving to celebrate the school B'day for year 2017 will be held on 10th March 2017


Big Match-2017

The 116th BIG MATCH between St.Thomas College vs St.Servatius College Matara will be held on 24th,25th and 26th of March 2017 at the uyanwaththa stadium,Matara.

One Day Match 2017

One Day Cricket Match For year 2017 between St.Thomas College and St.Servatius College will be held on 01st April 2017 at Uyanwaththa Stadium,Matara