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St.Thomas’ College Matara is a government school for boys in Matara, Sri Lanka which is located in the heart of Matara city. The College was initially founded as a private Anglican school by Christian Missionary Society of England (founded by one of the first Anglican Missionaries in Sri Lanka, Rev. Fr. N. J. Ondatjee) in Wellamadama, Dondra, Sri Lanka in 1844. It presently consists of well over 4000 student population catering the needs of children studying from primary level to secondary level education by a well experienced and qualified teachers of 200 at present.


Gifting of an excellent Thomian to the nation and the universe.



Creating a perfect individual, well-equipped with knowledge, attitudes and skills, who can face the challenging situations with confidence.

Objectives of the School…

  1. Providing equal educational opportunities for all students.
  2. Providing encouragement and secure locality for all students through implementation of well-organised educational programme.
  3. Building up of self confidence in all students in order to promote their achievement levels by developing their potential.
  4. Developing and implementing a conducive family environment within the school premises.


An Old Photo of ST. Thomas College  Matara

Former Principals of the School

Rev. J. S. Lyle

Rev. A. Dias Abeysinghe

Rev. F. D. Edirisinghe

J. W. Bultjens

R. C. Reginold

L. A. Arndt

S. J. Gunasekeram

J. C. Handy

M. S. Soloman

Rev. R. V. L. Pereira

J. E. M. Fernando

K. B. Jayasuriya


B. G. Sisira

Ratnasiri Suraweera

W. B. Piyathissa

Crest & Anthem


Latest News

All Island School Hockey Tournament

42 boys and girls teams competing for 4 days in All Island School Hockey tournament held at the Uyanwatta Stadium, Matara. Thomians was the runner-up in the boys under 18.

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New Principal Assuming the Duty

Mr. P.A. Weerakkody assigned his duties as the new principal of St. Thomas’ College and addressed the Thomians inthe morning assembly on 12th October 2022.

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Dharma Preaching Program before the Full Moon Poya Day

Pre-Poya Day Dharma Preaching Programme organized by Grade 11 students with the assistant of the School Buddhist Association concurrently with the Vap full moon Poya day held on 9th October[…]

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